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Dog Safety for Children - FREE Service

Why Do We Need to Act?

 In the last 10 years, hospital admission from injuries caused by dogs have risen by 76% - with children under 10 most likely to be admitted (NHS, 2015).

 Eagle Radio (2017) has stated that a child is attacked by a dog EVERY day in Surrey and Sussex according to latest figures from the NHS.

 Being bitten or injured by a dog is obviously a huge safety concern for children, but also usually results in the euthanasia of the dog.

 Most injuries caused by dogs happen in family homes, with a familiar dog. Not just out in the park with unknown dogs.

Schools and Youth Organisations:-

We are offering FREE presentations for children, covering topics on how to understand dog body language, how to react around a dog and how to interact with dogs safely. This interactive presentation lasts around 20 minutes and can be done in small or larger assembly groups. We tailor the presentations for different age ranges and group sizes.

The talks are a non-scary approach, entitled “Talking to Dogs”

We can provide topic activities for the teachers if they wish to discuss to topic in more detail, and we can also provide information for parents with advice on how to keep children, and dogs, safe.

Antenatal, Parent & Baby Groups:-

We also offer FREE talks to parent and baby and antenatal classes on keeping babies safe around dogs (and other pets).

If you would like to book a presentation, please contact jodybarry@thehousevet.net or speak to us in clinic.


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