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Call the Vet Nurse!

What is a Veterinary Nurse?

Our Veterinary Nurses are registered and regulated by the Royal Veterinary College (RVC). They have to undertake rigorous training and exams to qualify, and continuing professional development must be undertaken yearly. They must abide by a professional code of conduct set out by the RVC.

Nurses perform a wide range of tasks from monitoring anaesthetics, to performing laboratory tests and taking blood samples. They care for your pets during any period of hospitalisation, including medicating and monitoring the patient’s progress.

They work closely alongside the Veterinary Surgeon to provide the best possible care for your pets.

What clinics do they offer?

Our nurses can provide a range of services either at our clinic, or in the comfort of your own home.

*Please note - only a Qualified Veterinary Surgeon is able to diagnose a condition, therefore if your pet is unwell or is showing symptoms that concern you, we advise you book an appointment with the Veterinary Surgeon. They may then refer you to the nursing team for future appointments to monitor their progress or provide treatment prescribed by the veterinary surgeon.

Chronic Condition Counsellors

If your pet is diagnosed or already suffers from a long term health condition. (For example, diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis) Your vet will refer you to our team and you will be assigned one of our Veterinary Nurses to become your Chronic Condition Counsellor (CCC).

Finding out that your pet has a chronic medical condition can be upsetting and often quite daunting news. Your CCC can answer any questions you may have, give advice and guidance on how to medicate your pet, and how to best manage the condition at home. Working closely with your Veterinary Surgeon, they will come up with a personalised progress plan to ensure that your pet’s condition is managed as appropriately and successfully as possible.

You will be given their contact information so that if you have any questions regarding your pet’s progress or condition you can contact them directly.  

Puppy and Kitten Checks

A new puppy or kitten is always an exciting, but often quite daunting experience! At your pet’s first vaccination you will be seen by a Veterinary Surgeon, who can give your new pet a thorough examination. After this, the vet will refer you to our nursing team, and we will aim to see you and your new pet once a month for the first six months. The nurses will give any 2nd vaccinations and weigh your pet at each visit. They can also provide flea and worming treatments as required.

Puppy Parties

Socialisation with other puppies is a vital part of a young dogs development.

At Rowly House Vet we are happy to host a puppy pre-school run by our resident animal behaviourist, Jody.

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